Startup Accelerator upCAT

Accelerator program upCAT

The selected teams work together on their value proposition, business model and acceleration of market entry - together with trainers and mentors. At the end of the program is the Demo Day: pitching in front of potential investors and the regional start-up community.

Why upCAT?

Within the framework of the Accelerator, the teams learn relevant methods, tools and competencies for building your business model and implement these directly in your business idea. The upCAT follows a very simple structure: short theoretical input on the methods, practical application to the own start-up project, feedback loops with trainers and the other participating teams.

We are a team of experienced consultants and trainers, who dedicate ourselves to the requirements of company founders with bundled know-how. We use the latest methods and techniques to support start-ups in accelerating their market entry. In addition, we offer participants access to mentors, industry contacts and a strong local start-up community.

For whom?

Teams of scientists, researchers and students from the KIT environment with a focus on deep technology.


  • 20.04.20 Kick off
  • 21.04.20 Defining the Problem Space
  • 22.04.20 Addressing the Solution Space
  • 05.05.20 Business Model Fundamentals
  • 06.05.20 Initiation of Business Model Design
  • 19.05.20 Deep Dive Business Model Design
  • 20.05.20 Sharpening the Business Model
  • 02.06.20 Pitching and Feedback
  • 03.06.20 Teambuilding, (Social Media) Marketing
  • 21.07.20 Demo Day - pitching in front of potential investors and the regional founder community

Questions? Interest in the program?

Feel free to contact Allen Mohammadi.

The application for 2020 cohort is closed now, there'll be a next round in 2021.